About Us

About Us

Our Public Adjusters were trained by the insurance companies. Yes, you heard that correctly: they taught us everything we know and made us the BEST Public Adjusters here in FLorida. In the past few years, the carriers have also shown us how they no longer put their policyholder’s first. We know what they do not want us to know that will help you the policyholder get a fair and proper repair. That is why Golden Trails Public Adjuster’s exists.

Owners: Gaby & Dave Hall worked a decade for many different insurance companies. They spent years helping policyholders all over the country put their homes back to preloss condition after many natural disasters. Knowing they were helping the insures put their lives back together was their lives work. Forest fires, wind & hailstorms, tornados, floods, any natural disaster that damaged the most important investment that a family or business owner could have. It was a great service and honor to help so many people recover from these losses for so many years.

Until recently, the industry has changed drastically. Gaby and Dave could see policyholders receiving settlements for much less than the cost of the actual repairs. Insurers were not obtaining a proper repair estimate for the damages caused by the windstorm, a water leak or flood that did damage to the home.

To be honest and in the carrier’s defense; because most policy owners do not understand their policy, they don’t understand that they have options to supplement their claim for damages not found or not estimated for at the initial inspection. Insureds often do not know that they had recoverable depreciation (recoverable value withheld) that is due to them once the repairs were completed. Many also are not aware that they had an option in their policy language to ask for additional inspections, mediation, appraisal and yes even taking the carrier to court when their claim is not settling fairly on their behalf as stated in the policy they have paid for.

Most policy owners would just say; “My homeowners insurance stinks, I’m frustrated, I don’t know why I have insurance anyway they don’t cover anything,” They pay what they must out of pocket and move on.

You paid for protection. You have a contract with your insurance company. Don’t feel bad about using that service. If your house has damage that was beyond your control (nature/ weather) or is accidental (plumbing line broke) and caused damage to your home or business, you may have a valid claim. You expect to have coverage under your policy and not worry about the repair process and costs.

When you have that damage to your home or business and you need to file a claim, do not face the insurance company alone. Call Golden Trails Public Adjusters to help you with the claims process. Let our experience be your guide to a successful repair.

We will review your policy for free so you are prepared and understand your coverage, when you do need to use your insurance.